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22 january 2020

Altai Solar Reaches 120 MW

Hevel Group has commissioned Chemal PV power plant fully based on heterojunction (HJT) modules with a capacity of 10 MW in the Altai Republic and has completed its solar parks construction program in the region.

Total installed PV capacity in the Altai Republic has reached 120 MW. The annual output of all solar generation in the region is estimated at 154 million kWh, which will provide more than 30% of the region's consumption.

Earlier in December 2019, Hevel Group has commissioned Ust-Koksa PV power plant with a capacity of 40 MW, which has become the largest PV installation in Siberia and one of the largest HJT PV power plant in the world.

The first utility-scale grid PV power plant on HJT with a capacity of 20 MW was constructed by Hevel Group also in the Altai Republic in 2017. Since then the installed capacity of HJT PV power plants, deployed by Hevel in Russia has exceeded 200 MW.

Hevel Group is currently the largest industrial  manufacturer of heterojunction PV modules in Europe and the only company in the world that successfully constructs HJT-based utility-scale parks. HJT technology helps to achieve the lowest possible cost of electricity generating and improve the economic performance of projects.

Since 2018, Hevel HJT cells and modules have been delivered to European and Asian countries. In 2019, Hevel’s factory started production of bifacial HJT PV modules and the company entered international PV installation market – pipeline of solar projects to be constructed with HJT modules in Kazakhstan until 2022 is 238 МW.