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5 december 2019

Hevel Group Exports HJT Bifacial Solar Modules to Coca-Cola’s Swiss subsidiary

Hevel Group has exported 115 kW of bifacial HJT modules to Switzerland. The modules have already been installed on the roof of one of Coca-Cola factories in Vals municipality. This is the first bifacial HJT modules based solar power generation facility put into commercial operation in Europe.

Bifacial HJT PV modules, oriented from the East to the West, enable to shift peak generation from noon to morning and evening hours, and generate up to 30% more power for the whole lifecycle compared to monofacial PV modules.

Bifacial modules have become one of the main trends on PV technologies market: in 2018, their market share achieved 20% and is keeping growing. Heterojunction technology is the most optimal for use in bifacial modules, as the bifaciality factor of Hevel’s cells exceeds 90%, which is notably higher than values of other PV technologies, including the most widely spread on the present-day market PERC technology, the bifaciality factor of which normally achieves 70%. It means that the rear side of Hevel’s HJT modules generates almost the same amount of power as the front one.

“Use of bifacial HJT modules in commercial projects confirms the fact, that PV power plants owners, when choosing between different technologies, are focused more on the final cost of the power generated throughout the whole modules lifecycle. Bifacial HJT modules are one of the most efficient from this point of view and enable to achieve the quickest possible return on investment”, – pointed out Igor Shakhray, CEO of Hevel Group.

Since 2018, Hevel HJT cells and modules have been delivered to European and Asian countries. In 2019, Hevel factory started production of bifacial HJT PV modules and the company entered international PV installation market – pipeline of solar projects to be constructed with use of Russian equipment in Kazakhstan until 2022 is 238 МW.