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3 december 2018

Hevel Group Plugs in Two More Solar Power Plants in Saratov Region

Hevel Group plugged in two more solar power plants in Saratov region: Novouzensk SPP of 15 MW and the second stage of Orlov-Gai SPP of 10 MW.
In accordance with the schedule from December 1, 2018, both stations began to supply solar electricity to the grid. According to estimations annual output of Novouzensk SPP will amount to 18 GW*h, the new plant in Orlov-Gai – 12 GW*h.

Earlier in 2017 Hevel Group had constructed 2 solar power plants in the Saratov region: Pugachev SPP with a capacity of 15 MW and the fist stage of Orlov-Gai SPP with a capacity of 5 MW. Thus, after the commissioning of new stations, the total capacity of the company’s solar generation in Saratov region amounted to 45 MW. 
The total volume of Hevel’s projects in the region is 100 MW.