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Rooftop solar power system for SC “Russian Electric Engines” (subsidiary of PJSC “Transneft”)

The first industrial solar power system in the South Urals

Joint Stock Company «RUSSIAN ELECTRIC ENGINES” (SC «RED»), an enterprise that produces high-voltage electric engines, was established in October 2015 in Chelyabinsk with stakes held by PJSC “Transneft” (51%) and SC “KONAR” (49%).

The factory is an advanced high-tech production facility, equipped with more than 200 pieces of state-of-the-art equipment, about half of which is unique high-precision equipment. Each year SC «RED»’s output, produced as part of PJSC “Transneft”’s work in import substitution, amounts to as many as 300 high-voltage electric engines rated at 14 megawatts with the possibility of expanding the product range to 45 megawatts.

Transneft, the world’s largest company in terms of transportation of oil and petroleum products, is committed to a sustainable development policy founded on reliability, innovation, ecology, safety, and energy efficiency. The company has been implementing an energy conservation and energy efficiency program for more than ten years. Thanks to a set of energy-saving measures, electricity consumption is being reduced annually. According to international auditor KPMG, Transneft’s relative electricity consumption for energy transfer is one of the lowest among global pipeline companies.

When construction of the SC «RED» factory began in 2016, Transneft’s management decided to replace some of the electricity consumed from the grid with electricity generated by a solar power system.

In 2017, it was the Hevel Group’s largest project involving a rooftop solar power plant for the industrial facilities. The project took 8 months to implement. In February 2018, the 240 kW rooftop grid-connected solar power plant was implemented on the factory’s industrial building under construction.

The solar power plant consists of 840 60-cell heterojunction Hevel PV-modules and 4 inverters. The implemented equipment is rated at roughly 240 kW. Solar energy is used as an additional source of energy. Solar power plant provides electricity to illuminate SC «RED»’s industrial building and administrative building. Each year, the solar power plant generates about 1 MWh of energy. The low operating costs and no fuel component make solar power plants cost-effective and therefore attractive. 

2,98 rub*kWh*
kW solar power generation
heterojunction Hevel PV modules
largest rooftop solar power plant in Chelyabinsk region

“Hevel performed turnkey implementation of the solar power plant. This project is unique in that it is the only solar power plant presently implemented on the roof of the factory’s industrial building in Chelyabinsk Region. The solar power plant works completely autonomously. That is, the electricity switches on and off automatically thanks to the implemented equipment. 
We get technical support and assistance from Hevel over the entire service life of this equipment. In terms of maintenance, only annual work is performed to clean the photovoltaic modules from dust and snow: this is due to the solar power system’s location in Chelyabinsk Region. 
The solar power plant is fully operational, and the power output complies with design standards. Thus, the project is economically advantageous for SC «RED»’s factory, as it makes it possible to reduce electricity consumed from the external power grid and spends on buying electricity. This is a very interesting facility: new, modern, technological solutions. This is a step into the future,” said Maxim Gurov, 1st category Power Engineer at SC «RED», sharing the results of 2 years of operation of the solar power plant.

*The cost of electricity is calculated in the period of SPP operation - 25 years